Posted on: March 26, 2011

Forgiveness is a subject that we encounter from time to time and quite often can only see the surface because of its depth.


Many would propose that there is great power to be had from the act of forgiving however for most persons this is actually just an academic perhaps even abstract topic that first hand experience is often lacking


The reason that forgiveness is so foreign to many is because it has a cost that the forgiver must be able and willing to pay and the ability to shoulder this cost can be lacking in him that have not experienced the power of God’s forgiveness and realised the utter depravity of the best of us.

Case in point

God’s example of forgiveness is unique and frightening because he spent an eternity in a burning hell in our place which in his case only lasted 72 hours but eternity will not end for us if we reject his High Priestly Substitutionary  sacrifice.

So accept his forgiveness and avoid the unimaginable horrors of burning in hell for all eternity.


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  • Jim Dandy: You wrote such a long piece, I've selected only one small paragraph, which is reproduced below: QUOTE: The 1611 authorized version of the bible is


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