The Book of Liberty

Posted on: November 19, 2011

Some four hundred years, still this book stands supreme;

‘gainst vicious assaults and every devilish scheme.

Surrounded by treachery, from without and within:

it stands between freedom and bondage to sin.

Since out of the dark ages came King James great decree

which angered the pontiff, which set England free;

God’s word was brought down to the man in the street;

through this great book of life the chains fell from our feet.


Now the serpent’s more subtle than any beast ever known.

He’s the king of deception and this world is his throne.

His head may be wounded but his tail packs a sting.

To discredit God’s words in our minds, that’s his thing.

one hundred perversions and each year he brings more;

To poison the water, mislead and obscure.

using man’s love of money, to put darkness for light.

Did you notice, his perversions are all copyright?


From the Garden of Eden he’s fine-tuned his lie,

which tricked eve and broke man and left us to die.

his deception, still deadly, at Christ’s bride now aimed,

the old mother of harlots, religion’s his game.

With her wealth and vast power she traverses sea and land,

to get her distortion of ‘truth’ in our hand.

A few subtle changes a little leaven will do.

A little poison in the water; these fools have no clue.


In institution of learning her great wealth she has used,

to plant her disciples with their devilish views.

They challenge sound doctrine, sounding eloquent and clever.

‘Have God said this old book we must accept it forever?’

If it offends we will change it, scholarship gives us that power.

So like brute beast they rage against God to their sorrow.

He that sitteth in heaven shall send them delusion;

and this same word they opposeth shall cause their confusion.


Some four hundred years still this book stands supreme;

for it is God’s mighty word, not some mortal men’s dream.

Though hell has let loose in subtle opposition;

manuscripts showed up, from Egypt in the Vatican.

Yet the opponents despite all their schemes and their tales;

can’t show us, one prophesy of this book that has failed.

Heaven and earth, they must all pass away;

but this old book, God’s preserved word; will forever prevail.


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  • freddabbot: would these text more ancient than the received Greek text from which the king James version of the bible been translated be the Alexandrina text and
  • Jim Dandy: You wrote such a long piece, I've selected only one small paragraph, which is reproduced below: QUOTE: The 1611 authorized version of the bible is


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