About Alfred D Smith

My name is Alfred D Smith  and I have been eternally saved by the blood of the lamb. I am a songwriter/ singer/ guitarist who uses these gifts to promote the gospel of our Lord and soon coming saviour Jesus Christ, of which and of whom I am not ashamed.

Also, I am not ashamed to declare that I stand firmly on the word of God, which for four hundred years we in the English-speaking world have found very effective in bringing about great revivals and which in these last days has become a stranger within the local church.

I believe that the attempt to deceive people with the many copy-writed  counterfeits is an orchestrated attempt by the God of this world and his puppets within the church, to prepare  this world for his son, who is the Antichrist, the son of perdition.

That is why I write and that is why I sing.


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  • freddabbot: would these text more ancient than the received Greek text from which the king James version of the bible been translated be the Alexandrina text and
  • Jim Dandy: You wrote such a long piece, I've selected only one small paragraph, which is reproduced below: QUOTE: The 1611 authorized version of the bible is


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