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media_propagandaFrom way back since the beginning of time the world, and that includes the people of God, have been the target of that old serpent the devil’s programing. When he confronted eve, early in man’s history, with the leading question hath God said that if you eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shall surely die. He then convincingly countered her affirmative reply with the ‘thou shalt not surely die’ alternative but actually become like gods knowing both sides of the vast spectrum of good and evil which appealed to her pride and she was cooked. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life took control of the human race from that day forward.

Today we turn on our television set to watch our favorite program and we are being programed to accept show business vices as the norm, homosexuality, greed,etc.. Turn on internet explorer and we are confronted with murderers, prostitute, thieves and liars all exalted by the old serpent as celebrities, movie stars, those that love and make a lie, the rich and famous are are all being exalted by the media and told this is the civilized world’s standard of success and acceptable aims.

Then on Sunday we run and come to church and breath a sigh of relief for alas we are in a sanctuary of morality. Wait! there’s a woman dressed in the attire of a harlot  sitting off to my right with 60% of her breast exposed. Can’t look or I will surely die. well it does not bother any one else so maybe something is wrong with me.

The pastor gets up to read from the bible except what he is reading is not quite what my bible is saying, well they tell me mine is old and out-dated and the Holy spirit, who wrote mine, was not a scholar like those folks that did the new versions. I am finding it hard to get with the program. For now I will avoid looking to my left and keep clinging to my old bible.



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  • freddabbot: would these text more ancient than the received Greek text from which the king James version of the bible been translated be the Alexandrina text and
  • Jim Dandy: You wrote such a long piece, I've selected only one small paragraph, which is reproduced below: QUOTE: The 1611 authorized version of the bible is